What People Need To Know About Teeth Whitening Kits


 Everybody likes having a pearl white smile, and this forms the major basis why people go teeth whitening to clean stained teeth. Stains on the teeth are either extrinsic or intrinsic. Nearly all the extrinsic stains on the teeth are caused by coffee, tea, smoking and red wine. These stains only occur on the surface of the enamel and can easily be removed by brushing the teeth normally using a good toothpaste and a toothbrush. Once in white, an individual can also have the extrinsic stains scrubbed off the teeth when the individual visits a dentist. Intrinsic stains, however, are usually inside the enamel.  These stains are caused by aging, medication or one's genetics. Only a dentist is capable of removing such stains, using bleaching substances or abrasive pastes to remove these stains.

Teeth whitening usually aims at removing all the stains on the enamel part of the teeth, to restore the initial white color. Nearly all led teeth whitening kit people buy, contain hydrogen peroxide as its main component. Some kits may, however, contain Carbamide Peroxide, the dilute form of hydrogen peroxide. There is need to take great caution when treating the whitening products since because any use of a kit that contains concentrated hydrogen peroxide may cause burns to the gums.

Whitening strips are the best because of their effectiveness in delivering the best results. These strips are made in a way that they can firmly stick to the teeth as the whitening gel that is in the strip releases the hydrogen peroxide. Some whitening strips are efficient in that they remove both the extrinsic stains on the enamel and the intrinsic stains inside enamel too. An individual that is considering the use of the whitening strips is advised to buy the best at home teeth whitening kit which come with strips made of polyethylene. This is advisable because the polyethylene would cause very little harm to the individual if he or she swallows the strips.  

People who wish to whiten their teeth by themselves and at home, should are advised to avoid any whitening kit that contains hydrated silica, substances made from the compound of sand and quartz. This substance can cause serious harm to the enamel and tissues of the gum. For any desirable results from the entire process, one needs to use the whitening kit frequently, first to whiten and maintain the color. Anyone with teeth cavities or periodontal diseases should first see a dentist before embarking on teeth whitening program. This helps to prevent any complication on the teeth, that would be caused by the hydrogen peroxide when it comes to contact with the cavities. For more facts and information about teeth whitening kits, visit